Did you know that almost two-thirds of the children worry all the time?

A recent article in BBC News states out of 700 children aged 10 and 11  almost two-thirds worry "all the time".  They are worried about not being able to do their class work, being criticised by teachers and parents, and  54% worry about the well-being of family and friends.

And if that isn’t enough to worry about, 40% of these kids felt their worries got in the way of school work.  Almost 30% said that once they started worrying they could not stop and 21% said they did not know what to do when worried.

The girls also worried more about friendships and appearance.  Boys worried more about being angry.

The most common coping strategies were talking to family members (72%) or to friends (65%), while 65% of boys calmed themselves by playing computer games compared with 39% of girls.

The  reality is that young children can worry about a lot of things, whether it's something going on at home, with their friends, or even about bad things happening in the world. 

The good news is, the research also showed that talking with a trusted adult and counseling were effective in helping the children to cope and played a crucial role in ensuring that children learned to look out for each other and know how to get help if they need it.

The entire article can be found at:

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